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Griffin Industries Awarded the Misumi USA Outstanding Supplier Performance Award for Fiscal Year 2017

Griffin Industries has had the privilege to provide low volume production machined castings to Misumi USA for many years.  2017 was the first year the Misumi USA Procurement/Supplier Services department chose to present this prestigious recognition award.  The award was given to top performing suppliers that exceeded quality performance criteria and achieved team support of the entire Misumi organization.

Adriene Wohler and Tom Gornicki of Misumi USA (left) present the Outstanding Supplier Performance Award to Mike Rotter and Jon Krouth of Griffin Industries Corp. (right).

Adriene Wohler and Tom Gornicki of Misumi USA (left) present the Outstanding Supplier Performance Award to Mike Rotter and Jon Krouth of Griffin Industries Corp. (right).

Since 1983 Griffin Industries has strived to provide our customers with top notch full service solutions to the prototype and low lot machined casting needs of our industry.  We have been blessed to continue our sustained growth through progressive additions of new technology in our CNC, CMM, and foundry tooling capabilities.  Additionally, we have a highly skilled, dedicated, hardworking employee base that are willing to do whatever it takes to provide outstanding service to our many loyal customers.

Griffin Industries is Using Renewable Energy!

Renewable Energy at Griffin Industries

Griffin Industries has installed a roof mounted 114KW solar PV system.  With the help of Eland Electric we were able to seamlessly integrate the solar power into our business operations.  We anticipate the system providing enough electricity to power approximately 40% of our CNC machines.

As a prototype manufacturer, the ability to promote green energy and reduce monthly expenses will help us retain existing customers and attract new.   Decreasing expenditures allows Griffin to continue to give competitive quotes for program management, foundry tooling, casting design, machining, and the rapid prototype services we provide.  Additionally, the savings allows continued investment in state of the art technology and top notch employees.  This enables Griffin to continue to provide the excellent service and rapid turnaround our customers have grown to expect.

Solar installation makes sense not only from a business viewpoint, but also as an environmental responsibility. We have not only decreased our carbon footprint by the equivalent of nearly 10 acres of US forests, but generate enough power in one month to charge 630 electric cars, or power the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree for 450 nights!

The forward thinking management of Griffin Industries has blessed our organization with more than 30 years of continued business operations.  The ongoing improvements and commitment to customer service excellence will reward us many more years of being a top provider for prototype programs from start to finish!

Griffin Industries earns 2nd place award in the 2013 Bellin Corporate Health Challenge!


Bellin Health Award

Bellin Health invited Green Bay area employers to help instill a health and wellness focus in their organizational culture through a year-long Corporate Health Challenge.  Working in teams, participants were given monthly challenges focused on improving personal health and wellness.

Griffin Industries earned the 2nd place award for the small business category.  Griffin encouraged employee participation by offering an incentive to the top team of employees who earned a nearly perfect score for the year.  We consider the program a success and look forward to the 2014 Bellin Corporate Health Challenge!

This challenge along with the implementation of annual health risk assessment testing and the addition of an onsite nurse are just a few of the ways that Griffin Industries is working hard at investing in the health and longevity of our current top notch employees and attract new talent.

Magma Solidification Simulation Software


Introducing Magma Casting Solidification Simulation Software.

Griffin has added Magma Solidification Software to the tools we can offer to assist in meeting your prototype needs.

The benefits include:

  • Reduction in lead time due to less gating and rigging modifications.
  • Optimization of mold fill to include consideration of sand burn-in, gas porosity, shrinkage porosity, and misruns.
  • Reduction in quality costs by avoiding casting defects.
  • Assistance in casting design to achieve maximum manufacturability in all phases – Prototype, Ramp Up, Production, Ramp Down, Service and Replacement Castings.



Let us show you how Magma solidification simulations can improve your casting projects.

New CMMs for 2013

Griffin is excited to announce the addition of two Zeiss CMMs with Scan Probe Technology for increased scanning capability.

  • Size, Location and Form can be measured in one pass.
  • More points probed means more complete feature geometry.
  • Greater Reliability, Accuracy, and Efficiency

CMM accuracy that matches or exceeds CNC machine tool accuracy.

See it in Action


Welcome to Our New Blog!

In today’s digital age, we are presented with an abundance of opportunities to stay up-to-date and connected with our family and friends as well as our business partners. Whether through emails, texting, or social media websites, regular communication has never been so easy, and information has never been more accessible!

At Griffin Industries, we’ve put a lot of thought into the development of a new communication tool to complement our existing channels.  We asked ourselves, “How can we deliver important updates and information more quickly and efficiently to our clients and partners?”

The result of our think tank session was the launch of Griffin Industries’ new blog. For more than 30 years, Griffin has assisted businesses across the globe in finding the best solution to their prototype and low lot machined casting needs. The Griffin blog has been set up to be another helpful resource to this end. We are here to keep you informed and answer any questions you have!

What kind of content will you find in this blog?

  • Articles demonstrating how Griffin Industries’ techniques can help solve common problems
  • Articles showcasing the superior products Griffin Industries manufactures
  • Articles highlighting the advanced methods and technology Griffin Industries uses to manufacture products
  • Introductions to Griffin Industries’ team members and updates on the innovative methods and solutions they are developing
  • News stories and updates covering the most recent advancements in the industry
  • And much, much more…

Please share your thoughts and be a part of the exciting community we are looking to build with this blog!